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The Strength Series facilitates a dynamic, fun and quick full-body strength and endurance workout in just 45 minutes. Experience a great workout for any level of fitness, in a small gym studio environment. It's just like personal training in a small group setting »More

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GTS personalizes Pilates for each individual's height, strength and flexibility, allowing individuals to perform exercises correctly and feel more successful, regardless of level or experience. »More

personal training west hartford ct

GRAVITY Personal Training

There are over 120 GTS exercises to perform during personal training sessions, and each exercise addresses efficiency with functional, multi-plane movement patterns and synergistic recruitment of muscle groups. »More

post rehab therapy

GRAVITY Post-Rehab

Gravity Post-Rehab focuses on closing the gap for those who, following physical therapy, require specialized conditioning protocols to return to full function and performance. »More







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Weight Loss Program

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3 (30 minute) semi-private training sessions and 1 group training

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